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Hot off the pan

Live at The Skinny Pancake

Burlington, Vermont




Lyrical wit riding modern back-wood melodies propelled

by a thunderous rhythm section on a canvas of raucous guitar.


Somewhere around 2010, in Burlington VT, Thunderbolt Research, the bastard child of four diverse musical parents was born. Songs started as a lark, turned into a bit of a mission, and steadily appeared in rapid succession, building our repertoire into hours of all-original rock & roll.  We come at this project with a refusal to be pigeonholed. There is a constant balance between the quest for a “sound”, and the desire to remain unconstrained. While the roots are familiar and accessible, the music is our own.


Vocals & Harmonica / Ben Albee

Guitar / James 4

Bass & Engineering / Jaimie Kramer

Drums & Vocals / Jake Albee

Live at SP album cover.png

Hot Off The Pan

by Thunderbolt Research

Live at the Skinny Pancake

January 27, 2018

Burlington, Vermont

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